sputnic sputnik
A few words about myself and work

Born in Moscow.

Graduated from:
    • the high school with a bronze medal (a joke with a grain of truth),

    • the higher school - National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (applied mathematics),

    • the full-time postgraduate studies at MEPhI (PhD).

Then I worked as a specialist in the defense industry, and since the mid-90s I have been working in my own business.

I have been involved in elaboration and development of the SiteSputnik program since 2003 to the present.
    The program is used by:
    • parent or subsidiaries of large private and public companies, for example:
      • GAZPROM and Novatek,
      • Rosneft, Transneft, Zarubezhneft, other "Oil",
      • Roscosmos, Rosatom, Rusnano,
    • law enforcement agencies, for example, in almost half of the regions of the Russian Federation,
      search units have it in service,
    • banks, stock exchanges,
    • News agencies, IT companies,
    • detective agencies, private detectives,
    • educational organizations,
    • other organizations with the most “unexpected” names and functions.
At the time of writing, various configurations of the SiteSputnik program work in more than 2000 organizations, and are also used by individual entrepreneurs and individuals.

I live and work in Volgograd.    

Alexei Mylnikov, April 19, 2022    

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