SiteSputnik program: search and collection of information on the Internet
SiteSputnik program: (outline of the implemented approach)
Publication date: 02/03/23  
Last modified: 07/16/24  
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The main page of the site about the program: Search, collection, monitoring the Internet.

The SiteSputnik program purpose

SiteSputnik program (FileForFiles & SiteSputnik) is designed for automation and organization
professional search, collection, monitoring and analysis of information posted on the Internet
Tools for obtaining both new and old information in different languages have been developed.

This publication discusses
Several program functions for searching and collection of information.
They are included in the most inexpensive basic package - the SiteSputnik Pro module.
The full list of the functional capabilities of this bundle is in the Price list.

I would like to note the following:
if you need to find out the phone number of the personnel department of the Hammer and Sickle plant from Leipzig,
then take a mobile phone and ask Google Assistant about it.

If you need to gather as much information as possible about the plant or find something special about it,
then open SiteSputnik, create a separate Folder (Box) for this task and formulate a package of queries,
using all the information about the plant that you know at the moment. An example package is below.

A package of queries for collecting information on the Internet
This is a demo Queries Package, the information in it is not reliable:
Internet search, collection, searching
The package consists of eight Queries collecting information about the Leipzig metallurgical plant "Hammer and Sickle"
from several Sources. Each Source has its own search depth in pages. It is listed in the third column.
In the fourth column, you can write an arbitrary comment. Sources are selected from the menu.

Each time the Package is executed, the lists: Only new Links, Only new Sites and Only new 3rd level domains are created.
They will contain never not found before addresses of links, sites and 3rd level domains.
[To deal not with link addresses, but with their content, you need to apply SiteSputnik Pro+News or higher.]

After receiving the information, you can do the following:
analyze it, create new Packages and Queries, edit or not previously executed Packages,
do them, repeat these works in an hour, tomorrow, next week, in two months, in a year.
As a rule, it is enough for you to view lists with only new (not previously found) information. Video tutorial.

Such searches allow you to effectively carry out a comprehensive collection and search of information on a given topic:
"Find everything and guaranteed", - quote by Petryashov D.V. about the capabilities of SiteSputnik in search and collection of information.
"Program for interrogating the Internet", - an apt comparison of the actions of the program from Dmitry "MOS" (queries - interrogations).

At the same time, you are guaranteed never to open any link twice: neither on the 1st nor on the 101st search.
Re-found links are discarded globally - not only within the current execution of the Package,
but also relative the entire history of working with it and other Packages and simple queries in the current Box.
In the Settings on the Pro tab, set to "Create an 'Only New Links' list relative to all searches in the Box": Video.
In fact, you get an emulation of a RSS feed not just on Query, but on a package of Queries to multiple sources.

You do not need to remember what and when you asked the Internet, and what it answered to you:
everything is automatically saved in the libraries and databases of the Site Sputnik program.

All Queries can be executed as a single one by clicking the button  Jointly  or independently -  Separately .

Any results obtained can be combined into one - operation Analytical Union (AU),
or subtract another from one result - operation Take the difference.

About AU there is a Video tutorial.
It not only combines search results, but also arranges them by relevance: by the number of queries that links were found.
At the top of the SERP, you will get what you were looking for, and not what is in the top of Sources, in particular search engines.

If any Object is described in each Query or in each Queries Package, then the AO will show on which
links, resources, domains, and in which site folders Objects intersect (are mentioned together).

I stop here for explanations so as not to overload you with information.
It is enough to understand: "Do you need it?".

By the way, it is always advisable to use the described features for the following purposes: for news monitoring,
and for monitoring updates (changes) of pages and sites, and in PoliGlot, and in other program components.

More details are in the instructions: Site Sputnik Pro for beginners.
Full list of program publications assembled on page.
A collection of instructions compiled by the program itself from publications about it on the Internet: download.
The main page of the site about the program - "SiteSputnik".
New video materials about the program: Movie tutorials about the program functions.
You can download a demo version of the program from here: download. search Search program Collect stones Solyanka

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